Measuring Tape Magic

March 23, 2010
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I have a thing for them; don’t know why, but I do. Maybe it’s the even spacing, or the dashed lines, or the simple and familiar font. Clearly, I’m not alone…


Pretty Linen Measuring Tape ribbon from Cotton Blue, found via The Long Thread.


I’ve loved this birth announcement idea for a long time. Of course, it’s from Martha.


Clever: a lamp made from measuring tapes. Cute for your craft room? Found on A Dress a Day.


A gift bow made from a measuring tape? Why not? Found in Canny Belle’s Etsy store.


Cute bangle from Cupcakes Polka Dots on Etsy.


And lastly, for a practical use of this ubiquitous tool, mount a measuring tape on the edge of your work space. You’ll never fumble for a ruler again. Oh Martha!


Party in a Box

March 22, 2010
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I am usually not a fan of the packaged party thing; I’m a DIY girl after all. I’m constantly getting press releases and pitches for “party in a box” sets that just do it all for you. Now, I’m not a mom yet, and I know most moms out there say that sometimes is just easier to buy a kit. Well, if you must do the grab-n-go thing, at least spring for something as cool as Banter and Frolic. Check out these sweet party kits.


The Carnival is in Town contains (among other things) hot dog holders, popcorn bags, pinwheels, and ticket strips.


The Grandstand Sports Party comes with sporty drink holders, paper to make cones, pennants and sandwich holders.


Off Limits Construction Party comes with construction tape, straw tags, construction tape, and icon food toppers.

Standard with each party comes invitations and a manual (yes, a how-to manual for setting up your party-in-a-box). Sad that you’d have to order from an online Australian site (hello, shipping costs!), so if you must have a kit made in the USA, go for the precious ones by Meri Meri.

(But really, if you have any questions about kids’ parties, leave a comment; it’s my specialty!)

Banter and Frolic found via LMNOP.





March 19, 2010
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I’ve been trying to think of a way to group these hilarious posts from Unhappy Hipsters into a round-up, but honestly, they are just too good to water down with anything else. The writers take images from design magazines and sites and pen new captions for them. As someone who has worked on a ton of photo shoots trying to make scenes look “real”, trying to find the “humanity”, these make me laugh out loud.


It became his morning ritual. He woke, stepped to the window, and fantasized about the day he would be free of his knotty-pine cell.

(Photo: Hertha Hernaus; Dwell, July/August 2008)


Babe, look! It says here that some people live in trailers, intentionally, without a hint of irony.

(Photo: Wallpaper magazine)


There are certain sacrifices one has to make when choosing a designer environ. The ability to comfortably recline tops the list.


(Photo: Celine Clanet; Dwell, February 2010)


Rosebud’s patience wore thin. Was the door open or closed? She refused to suffer the humiliation of guessing.

(Photo: Jason Schmidt; Dwell, February 2010)



Trompe L’Oeil L’Inspiration

March 18, 2010
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Trompe-l’œil is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting.

I really have no words to introduce these amazing creations. These photos say it all…




Rita’s Living Room, made of all plywood. Found via Paper n’ Stitch.





Charlotte Mann creates these using only Sharpies. For reals. Spotted on Life in Parallel.



Inspired Goodness decorated their booth at a trade show with this awesome butcher paper mural.



Dollhouses For All

March 17, 2010
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Today I have houses on the mind because yesterday, I closed on my very first apartment! Yes, my husband and I are now Brooklyn homeowners and I’m giddy, exhausted, elated, and yes, a little nervous. But mostly elated.

My sister and I had a few dollhouse incarnations as kids (including the Glamour Gals cruise ship that we loved), and we were very fastidious about our decorating choices. Ok, not much decorating happened on the Lido deck, but our next project was a dollhouse taller than we were—a Doll-Mansion, I’d say. My most distinct memory was hanging a locket-size photo of our Uncle Dore on the living room wall.

So as I begin to dream about decorating plans for my real-life home, I’d like to take a look at where the dollhouse has gone in the last twenty years. (My skills would be so refined if I’d had any of these!)


I saw the Emerson house by Brinca Dada at Toy Fair this year. Ridiculously amazing. Really. It even has sliding glass doors, 2 fireplaces, and solar panels. It’s so 2010. Check out their mini-furniture too.


This fold-able dollhouse from Ferm Living is totally the opposite. It’s design is super-simple yet full of imagination and possibility. Found via Decor8.


Here’s minimal for you. This clean shape designed by Eva Shildt for Playsam is soft, yet modern. For the simple child. Found via Minor Details.