Time for (non-Christmas) Wreathes

February 9, 2010
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February may seem to be a strange time to blog about wreaths, but lately I've become a big fan. Having grown up in a home where we didn't celebrate Christmas, wreathes were the equivalent to having a tinseled, lit tree in your living room. But today I'm declaring that stigma over. For good. These delightful examples prove my point…

Felt-flower-wreath-2   Felt-flower-wreath-5-425

This beautifully crafted wreath would be amazing on the door at an intimate wedding. Felt flower winter wreath from The Purl Bee.

The color choices here are phenom. Felted ball wreath from Pickles

Paper Wreaths by Haru, via Craftzine.

Paper circle wreath from Crafty Stylish.

Tie Wreath from Good Housekeeping.


Nature wreath from Parents magazine.


Time for Rainbow Cake

February 8, 2010

Color cake

Birthday cakes are meant to do 3 things.

  1. Taste good.
  2. Look good.
  3. Hold candles.
  4. Excite eaters.

This cake does all of the above. (I assume it tastes good…how could it not?). It reminds me of the cake I made for my husband's birthday last year with our nieces and nephew that I found here. But let's be honest, it's way better.


DSC_5045   DSC_5048

Other rainbow cakes, in case these weren't delightful enough…


From Incredible Things.


If cake's not your thing, try this from Tarehna.


And lastly, for individual rainbow love, cupcakes from Baking Bites.


Time for Butcher Paper

February 5, 2010
DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Food, Gifts, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Upcycled

Sometimes, the simplest, most inexpensive materials are my favorites. Like butcher paper. It's everywhere, cheap, and enormously versatile. There's something really earthy and unassuming about it. Here are some examples of how to use it…
Placemat   Placematdetail

For our rehearsal dinner at The Piggy Bank in Beacon, New York, my husband designed these place mats. He divided the heart like a meat cut chart with each section labeled with something about us. We couldn't find pre-cut kraft place mats, so we bought sheets and cut them individually with a rotary cutter outfitted with a scallop blade. These were silk screened by local Brooklyn artist, Philip Sachs

Tagpaperaddict Tagscrapofmine Tagannarubyking

Perfect material for tags. From left to right: The Paper Addict ($5.75 for 50 tags); Scrap of Mine ($1.75 for 30); Anna Ruby King ($5.50 for 10 tags)

Bcj_triptych_favorite_large  Bcj_triptych_fiction_large


Book City Jackets (Bookshelf set, $11)

Ss_101296086   Bp_fall06_wine_setup_l

Perfect for table covering: Kid's holiday table cloth, complete with crayons. Instead of place cards, write your guests name in the center of a red wine stain. Genius.


Time for Message Cookies

February 2, 2010
Food, Gifts, Valentine's Day


I'm not really a fan of conversation hearts (although I hear their recipe is new and improved), but a cookie that tells me that I'm Hot Stuff or a Sweet Heart or a QTπ is alright in my book. You customize the cutters by sliding in letters or premade words to form a name or message. When you press the cutter into the dough, your lettering is imprinted on the cookie.

Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters via Just Our Story.

PS…if you have a soul and love cookies, check out my friend Scott Sternberg's cookie blog.