Project kid

Yarn Owl Craft

The perfect craft equation to me is a bit of nature, something upcycled, and some traditional craft materials like yarn, buttons, and pipe cleaners. This cute yarn owl craft is exactly that!

This craft was inspired by the amazingly cool 1970’s macrame owls—when I was in Palm Springs last year, I saw this display at the Parker Hotel and couldn’t get it out of my head! I wanted to come up with an owl craft that had a branch for them to sit on, and that used yarn to give that soft feel like the rope macrame versions.

This craft works so well when done in large groups of kids…think birthday parties, classrooms, or craft events! Here are some examples of how kids create their own owls. One day I’m going to commission 30 kids to make me an owl so I can have my own wall!

What you’ll need:

• 1 stick
• 1 pipe cleaner
• felt
• glue
• yarn
• scissors
• 2 white buttons
• 2 black buttons
• 3×4” piece of cardboard

Make it!

1. Insert pipe cleaners through the holes of the cardboard and twist to attach to the stick to make the feet.
2. Glue ears to the top two corners of the cardboard.
3. Hook yarn into the slit on the cardboard and wrap until the cardboard is covered. Cut string and tuck the end.
4. Glue small black button to white button and glue to the owl as eyes.
5. Glue beak in between the eyes.