PROJECTkid is dedicated to offering families creative and inventive ways to spend unplugged time with kids. From DIY crafts to party ideas to home décor solutions, we mix traditional craft and household materials in surprising ways.  At PROJECTkid, we produce web content, original lifestyle magazine features, sponsored content for large companies, DIY videos, and craft books.

We’ve been featured in the New York Times, Parents, Highlights Magazine, Country Living, Huffington PostDesign Mom, Woman’s Day, Etsy, Handmade Charlotte, Reveal magazine,  HGTV magazine and more. PROJECTkid is also proud to have worked with brands such as Brother, Ikea, Kohler, Camp Stores, Google, Stonyfield, J. Crew, Lego, Disney Books, Universal, Fox, and more!

AmandaWHO IS AMANDA KINGLOFF? Amanda Kingloff is the founder of PROJECTkid and the former lifestyle director at Parents magazine, where she oversaw all DIY content for the brand. Before joining Parents, Kingloff worked as a crafter and producer for lifestyle personality Katie Brown. Now she posts fresh craft ideas weekly here at and regularly contributes to a multitude of national magazine publications. She lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn, New York.

HOW PROJECTkid IS DIFFERENT.  Unplugging is a favorite catch-phrase among parenting advisors these days. And crafting together is a common recommendation of how to spend meaningful time together. But you need a playful manual to convince your kids that creating something together has a purpose and a reward. That is PROJECTkid. The crafts in the book and on this website are not toss-away coloring pages. They are objects that can decorate, enliven, and beautify your home. And, that’s just a bonus of bonding over crafts with your kids.