10 DIY Birthday Hats

I find no reason whatsoever to buy a party hat. Wait, let me rephrase that. I find no reason to buy a party hat without jazzing it up! It’s totally legit to buy the paper ones and doll them up, or, just download a hat template and make it from scratch. But of course that all depends on how many you need to make. My daughter’s first birthday party is in two weeks and to be honest, I don’t feel the need to make a hat for everyone…just for her. So, since I’m only making one, I can really dedicate some time and thought to it. Let’s explore the world of homemade party hats, shall we?

1. Never would I ever make this hat from Wedding Chicks (pictured above) for a 1-year old baby (glitter in the eyes, mouth, ears, cake, etc), but I love love love the ombre affect! I think I would try something a little cleaner with some glitter paper from American Crafts and glitter tape from Shop Sweet Lulu.

2. These DIY party hats from Oh Happy Day are soft and lovely and feel so right for a darling 1-year-old girl on her birthday.

3. These DIY printable party hats from Chic Mother & Baby couldn’t be simpler. Download the design, print, cut and glue! And they are pretty precious!

4. Love the bling! These homemade party hats from Glee Projects would be perfect for New Year’s Eve…or in brighter colors for Sommer’s first birthday party hat!

5. I’m all about repurposing, and these paper-cup party hats from Real Simple are totally adorable and so, so simple!

6. I’m kinda loving these butcher paper, marker, and pipe cleaner hats from Salsa Pie. The combo of the glittery pipe cleaners with the plain ole brown paper is genius. What a fun craft for kids!

7. Again, another totally unpredicable combo of silver and wood grain by Creative Jewish Mom. But it works so well, especially with those pops of pink and yellow.

8. I love the idea of putting party hats on the favors! Saw this today at Shop Sweet Lulu’s blog! (Read this post…I love that this party centered around this orange cat from Ikea…colors, theme, the whole bit!)

9. A party hat made from an ice cream cone? Yes please! Made by the brilliant ladies of One Charming Party.

10. A classic Martha Stewart Living masterpiece, these DIY party hats are made by gluing 2 circles together!

March 22, 2013| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Older Elementary, Parties, Tween to Teen