10 DIY Holiday Gifts

Why should your kids have all of the holiday crafting fun? We’ve found crafts that are as much fun for the giver to make as for the giftee to receive. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel especially generous this season!

For the Co-worker with a Cubicle in Need of Cheer

1. DIY Face Planters

diy face planters

These adorable planters from Oh Happy Day are made with the classic craft staple, sculpey. Give the friend who sings to her plants a face to focus on.

For the Friend Who Likes to Keep her Kitchen Ship-Shape

2.  DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet


These nautical trivets couldn’t be simpler to make – your kids can even help! All you need is rope, a pair of scissors, and your fingers. Follow the instructions from Flax and Twine to make your own in half an hour.

For the Friend Who Likes to Wear Her Art on her Sleeve 

3. DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater


Let this sweater reflect your friend’s personality by including all of her favorite colors. Sugar and Cloth shows you how easy it is to create a masterpiece.

For the Sibling Who Refuses to Accept Winter 

4. 30 Minute Terrarium


No matter how cold and snowy it is outside, keep a piece of summer alive with this glass terrarium. Instructions from The Lovely Drawer include a how-to for the clever stand made from Vinyl paper and a jar lid.

For the Friend Who Makes Even the Routine Glamorous 

5. Gemstone Soap DIY


This is definitely a gift you won’t want to stop making. Let out your inner scientist as you experiment with color combinations to create just the right jewel. A Beautiful Mess shows you how.

For the Stylish Upcycler

6. DIY Leather Box Handles Using Thrifted Belts


Give new life to the forgotten belts in the back of your closet by turning them into modern handles. These multipurpose boxes from Idle Hands Awake  are as pretty as they are functional.

For the Foodie Who Likes to Keep It Simple 

7. DIY No-Sew Waist Apron


Don’t let your lack of sewing skills stop you from making the perfect apron. The instructions from Almost Makes Perfect  are so easy you can make one for all of your favorite chefs (while still letting them think they’re #1).

For the Neat Freak Who Prefers Her Paperclips in Gold 

8. DIY Gold Bar Acrylic Tray


Though they’re probably missing from your supply box right now, acrylic sheets might become your new favorite material after making this tray from Lovely Indeed. It’s sure to add some serious polish to whatever surface it sits on.

For the Friend Who Likes Traditional with a Twist 

9. DIY Fall Flowers Cross Stitch Napkins


Kittenhood makes a classic embroidery pattern feel fresh by using unexpected colors. Follow their example with a fall floral, or put your own spin on another traditional design. If you’re new to cross stitching, this article from DMC outlines basic techniques and helpful hints.

For the Hostess Who’s a Kid at Heart 

10. DIY Animal Dishes


We can’t get over how cute these dishes are! Though the instructions are in Dutch, you can still use Show Home‘s whimsical image as an inspirational jumping off point.

December 14, 2016| Christmas, Decor, DIY Home, Gifts, Hanukkah, Holidays, Organization