10 Kids’ Desk DIYs

Get supplies off the desk and onto the wall to leave room for what’s most important – creativity! …and homework. While it may not technically be time yet for “spring cleaning”, de-cluttering feels good no matter the season. Helping your kids create a space that’s all their own will keep them occupied until it’s time to play outside again – and it might help you chase away winter blahs as well!


I made the magnetic boards, above, for FamilyFun magazine by fitting sheet metal into old frames and dolling up with paint. All your kid’s doodles, paper scraps, A+’s, and mementos will have a dedicated spot in a gallery that grows with them. (As a bonus organization craft, check out the bright yellow tool-chest-turned-school-supply-box on the desk!)


easy diy desk for kids
If you are in need of a new, or first, desk, this is a simple but cheery option I crafted for Scholastic Parent & Child magazine. Built in elastic straps prevent paper wrinkling and double as a display. Click here for the DIY!


diy velcro gallery wall A piece of art storage that looks like modern art itself! This smart velcro wall from Brit + Co is a perfect option for preschoolers. Using a small spot of felt on the back of each piece of art, you can mix, match, and rearrange as often as you’d like.


diy bright jar shelfTiny items with rolling potential have a way of disappearing. A shelf with jars helps keep track of bits and pieces without them getting in the way. via Charlotte Love for 91 magazine


secret corkboard under deskHomework spot above, secret hideout below. Ikea’s idea to extend a cork board transforms your kid’s desk into a space for work and play. Password required.


Paint Bucket Desk StorageThink outside of the box, and in the bucket. As an alternative to all of the square storage options, brightly colored paint cans create a visually pleasing display area.  via petit & small 


DIY cardboard triangle storageCardboard might not sound like the most exciting material for desk organization, but Brit & Co’s triangular wall caddy  elevates the humble supply into a tool that’s as pretty as it is functional. Can you imagine how cool it would be to cover an entire wall in these pockets?


Craft Wall Paper RollParents magazine has great suggestions for creating an entire craft wall for your kids but I especially love the wall mounted paper roll. With just a dowel and a yard stick you can create a never-ending canvas where your kids can doodle to their heart’s content – or work out a really hard math problem.  


DIY Bright Box Shelves

I’ve seen lots of posts about beautiful wall display boxes but I love this idea Marie Mersier made arranged. The boxes are still filled with fun patterned paper but by stacking them on top of the desk itself they become much more accessible and useful.


diy spice rack shelves on pegboard Finally, Steph Bond’s gorgeous pegboard for her daughter’s study space is designed to be flexible. She maximizes space with painted spice racks and hooks for clipboards or calendars.


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