10 Embroidery Projects for Kids

Embroidery feels so calming to me these days and I’ve wanted to get my kids involved in the craft. Now I’m certainly not an expert embroiderer, but I find it very easy to pick up and to improvise.

Here are 10 of my favorite embroidery crafts for kids out there! If you want to buy some basic materials like yarn, embroidery floss, and kid-safe needles for embroidery projects, visit this page on my Amazon Influencer profile to find some great supplies!

abstract embroidery for kids project

Pretty Life Girls made these cool, abstract patterned wood stitching boards. While it may seem like a lot of effort, just think how much your kids could create and recreate using these wood boards!

perler bead embroidery project

These cross-stitched initial pins from Handmade Charlotte have been one of my favorite projects for years! I love how they used the holes that naturally appear in perler beads to stitch initials.

embroidery craft for kids styrofoam tray

I love the reuse of the styrofoam food tray for this embroidery project from Creative Jewish Mom. If you feel icked out by using trays that held meats, you can use trays that held veggies or even buy some fresh ones on Amazon.

embroidery projects for kids

I made these projects for Family Fun magazine years ago and I still love them! I used burlap as a base so that it would be easy for a kid to push the needle through the holes. Also, the grid mimicked a needlepoint canvas very well and offered nice even lines to work within.

cereal box sewing cards for kids

These simple sewing cards by Say Yes are made from cereal boxes. Literally this project could not be simpler!

diy award ribbon needlepoint craft for kids

Use spice jar shaker inserts as needlepoint canvases to make these cute award ribbons!

embroidered fly swatter project for kids

This project was featured in my first book, Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun and it’s one of the few crafts that I STILL have from that book! It was an ode to my mom, who is a genius needlepointer!

tinkerlab embroidery kids project

I love this more process-art embroidery project that I spotted on Tinkerlab’s Instagram feed! I love the mix of beads and buttons in the design!

free printable sewing cards

How cute are these printable sewing cards by Molly Moo Crafts for the Kids Activities Blog!

cross stitch craft for kids animal sweaters

Another printable project, this one from Mr. Printables just sends me! Using the cross-stitch technique to create a sweater is so darn cute!

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