10 Father’s Day Treats

Dads do their best to be role models year round, so this Sunday give them a free pass to satisfy their sweet tooth with a homemade treat. Whether Dad is a candy fan or prefers pasties, we’ve collected ten ideas that will disappear faster than you can post pictures. Sharing sets a good example, but we wouldn’t blame him if he were tempted to keep these sweets to himself.

1. Fitting Dad’s birthday candles may be a tough squeeze these days but a cake of any size will support Oh Happy Day‘s twizzler topper, above. Let Dad have his cake and eat it too.


Father's Day Treats, Pop Tarts for Dad, Homemade Pop Tart,

It’s early, Dad hasn’t had his coffee yet, but if you spell out your love in pop tarts, he’ll be sure to get the message! Whether you fill these home made pastries with fruit or Nutella, they’re guaranteed to be 100 times tastier than a card. (via Studio DIY)


Father's Day Cookies, Rad Dad Cookies, Homemade Father's Day Treats, Father's Day Desserts

Another festive way to make your feelings clear, frost these rad dad cookies from Tell Love and Party. Use your V cookie cutter upside down for a modern typeface designy dads will appreciate.


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For a slightly subtler way to show you care, whip up these delicious vanilla waffles that will secretly give Pops his protein. Lovely Indeed includes vanilla protein powder and superfood chocolate, but Dad will be too busy licking his plate to notice.


father's day donuts, maple bacon donuts, donuts for dads, homemade donuts

Paper and Stitch‘s maple bacon popcorn donuts take a little time but they’re well worth the effort. With maple glaze and bacon baked into the dough, after a bite of these Dad may swear off Dunkin Donuts for good.


Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches, Father's Day Sweets, Homemade Treats for Father's Day, Homemade Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dad’s always ahead of the curve right? At least let him think that by serving him the trendy food mash up of funnel cake ice cream sandwiches. My Recipes makes suggestions but leaves the true innovation of ice cream/candy combo up to you!


giant chipwich, big cookie icecream sandwich, Father's Day Treats, Father's Day Homemade Sweets

Make dad’s his childhood wishes come true with a massive chipwich. Two rolls of cookie dough, a tub of ice cream, and some chocolate chips (plus freezer space) are all you need to construct this larger than life ice cream dream. (via Delish)


S'mores Icebox Cake, Icebox Upside down Cake, Father's Day Sweets,

Another treat that screams summer without the heat is this upside down s’mores cake from Good Housekeeping. The king of campfire desserts might be willing to share his crown once he gets a taste of this cake.


lollipop father's day awards, candy awards for father's day, easy father's day award, diy dad's dad award

Reward your Pops with a lollipop award. Though the sweet will soon disappear, he can hang his ribbon proudly for all to see. The House that Lars Built shares the how-to.


Hot dog eclairs, hamburger cream puffs, father's day sweets, trick desserts

And finally, father’s day wouldn’t be father’s day without a pun, or 12. If dad’s on a roll, ketchup to him with these tricky treats. He’ll be sure to relish Handmade Charlotte‘s hot dog eclairs and hamburger cream puffs.

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