10 Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, May 13th, and at Project Kid we are obviously fans of handmade gifts! But while moms will always love anything their child makes for them, some things are more, er, loveable than others. Rather than presents that will only take up space, we’ve collected ideas for fun and functional crafts. For all the dads out there who want to help their kids make something that mom will not only love but use too, this post’s for you.


When jewelry is stashed away, it’s easy to forget it exists! Kids can help form and decorate clay dishes to keep mom’s trinkets in sight and organized. Follow directions from the Project Kid blog to craft a colorful set, like the one above.


Miniature Hanging Planters, Clay Planters, DIY Planters, DIY mothers day gifts

Bouquets are beautiful but house plants will last long after mother’s day. These tiny clay cones from Frankie will add cheer to whichever corner they’re hung in.


mothers day mini vase necklace, mothers day gifts, mothers day crafts for kids

For the mom who loves flowers too much to leave them behind, turn the above vase idea into a mini-vase necklace! She’ll smell sweetness everywhere she goes. Via Hello Wonderful


Potato Stamp Tea Towels, Potato Stamp Cactus Print, DIY Mothers Day Gifts

Dish duty should be shared by all, but when it’s mom’s turn, make it a little more enjoyable with this cute cactus print tea towel from SAY YES. The secret stamping tool is fingerling potatoes on solid white tea towels! A printed scarf could be a cute option too, don’t you think?


DIY painted utensils, colorful cooking utensils, gifts for mom, diy crafts for mom

Another way to bring brightness to the kitchen is by color-blocking cooking utensils. Mom will surely smile when using a painted set, like these from Earnest Home Co, which couldn’t be easier to craft.

6. DIY cardboard tube speakers, DIY gifts, Cardboard gifts

Little STEM experts will have as much fun making these speakers as mom will have using them. Your kids will be amazed when you show them how cardboard and cups can amplify sound, then let them personalize with paint to add patterns and colors mom will love. Follow instructions from Pink Stripey Socks.


DIY Camera Strap with Scarf, DIY gifts for Mom, Mothers Day Crafts

Moms who are shutterbugs deserve a camera strap as stylish as they are. The House That Lars Built shares instructions for swapping the standard strap with a scarf. For double DIY points, try stamping a plain scarf – perhaps with a cactus pattern?


diy sunglasses case, easy sew sunglasses case, heart sunglasses case

Protect mom’s favorite sunglasses from scratches with this soft case from I SPY DIY. Beginning sewers can practice their blanket stitch around the sweet shape which will show mom love every time she uses it.


DIY natural perfume, DIY Mothers day gifts, essential oil perfume

Cut out the chemicals and make mom a custom scent with DIY perfume. Flowers, water and essential oil will look as pretty as they smell in clear bottles with handmade tags. Via Hello Wonderful


DIY Bath Salts, Mothers Day Gifts, Relaxing Mothers Day Gifts, DIY bath salts

Even moms who are bad at taking “me time”, will slow down to use a DIY bath soak. The Kitchy Kitchen shares recipes for Soothing Lavender Oatmeal and Rosy Coconut Sea Salt Soaks, which both work as natural exfoliants.

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