10 Natural Planters

Spring has officially sprung here in New York, though the wacky temperatures have caused the plants some major confusion. Bringing a little greenery indoors ensures you can give it the care it needs no matter the weather outside. Even if you think of yourself as having a black thumb, the continuing trend of air plants and succulents are, almost guaranteed, foolproof. I’ve been seeing lots of creative ideas for potting plants, but many of them highlight the planter rather than the plant itself and I find myself drawn to the more organic options. The ten ideas below let the plants keep the focus and add an extra natural element to the great indoors!


diy crystal geode planter

The presence of plants purifies air, but why stop there? Jojotastic’s pretty planters (both above) add clarifying crystals for a one-two punch of good energy.


egg shell planter diy organic planter

Even after all the recent Easter eggs, eggshells still feel fresh if they’re paired with perky succulents! The Kitchn shows you how.


Sea shell planter succulent planter

Though I usually feel like seashell decorations should be relegated to beach houses, this gravel filled planter would fit in a city home as well as in a seaside one. (via Balcony Garden Web)


hanging air plant in shell jellyfish

Petit Beast‘s whimsical take on sea shell planters transform air plants into jelly fish – I actually had to do a double take when I first saw them!


rock planter air plants diy

I love how these stone bases from Rosdale Organic Life let the plants’ “personalities” shine. Maybe it’s just me, but I totally see a group of punk ROCKers (pun intended).


driftwood planter diy table planter

Forget vases, the freshest way to display a natural centerpiece is in a natural planter. Ehow shows you how to construct this piece of table decor that will continue to charm long after your dinner party.


diy wood slice air plant planter

These planters (via pinterest) might not technically be all natural, but the paint highlights the plants’ natural beauty! I also like how the wood slices echo the faux animal head trend.


diy acorn planters tiny planter

For the tiniest natural planters possible, acorns take first place. A grounded alternative to all the floating options, these little pockets of soil are great for herbs. Gardenoholic provides the easy DIY.


diy mini pumpkin planter organic planter

This is probably an idea to save for a little later, but I love how clean and bright these pumpkin planters from Momtastic look. They’re the opposite of Halloweenish and could be used into the winter as pumpkins can be harvested through December.


diy kokedama japanese moss ball planters

One of the trickier, but most impressive, planter styles is based on the Japanese technique of hanging moss balls called Kokedama. Sand and Sisals’s magical floating version bring to mind the baobab trees from the Little Prince.

May 10, 2017| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Nature, Spring, Styling, Summer