10 Paper Cup Crafts

As one of the most basic party supplies, paper cups usually play more of a sideline than starring role. However, they have some serious beyond-the-birthday potential. From toys and games to decorations and even interior design elements, there are plenty of awesome ways to reimagine paper cups. Here are 10 examples that will certainly make you see the cup half full.


(Above) These charming paper-cup lights from Mommo Design cast a cozy glow that would definitely banish bad dreams.


Paper Cup Camera

Give your budding photographer her own paper-cup lens to practice with. All of the fun details on Molly Moo‘s version will make her feel like a pro.  


simple-poppers-2Persia Lou’s painted paper-cup poppers could have a place at a party any time of year. Confetti for new years, pom poms for a birthday, or even water droplets for a backyard bash. 


easy paper cup craft phone for kids

Hello from the other cup…The classic can phone gets a very cute upgrade with dot stickers, felted pom-poms, and paper cups from Marie-Laure Pham via Hello Wonderful.


paper party punchThis cheery advent from FamilyFun Magazine shouldn’t be saved for Christmas. Mount paper cups to a piece of foam core and cover the opening with numbered sheets of tissue paper. Let kids draw numbers from a hat at party and then punch out the number for their party favor!


fishing GameHandmade Charlotte‘s collection of paper-cup sea creatures look as fun to craft as they do to play with. As a fishing game, they are also a great way for your kids to practice hand eye coordination.


tent cup hatFor a hat that’s sure to be the star of the party, Oh Happy Day’s  teeny tent tete topper takes the cake.  Afterwards, use the mini paper-cup circus tent as a home to your kids’ toy circus animals.


paper cup apple goody bag
Send guests home with a goodie bag that looks good enough to eat. Though Willow Day‘s paper-cup apple box isn’t edible, it’s the perfect container for tiny treats.


rocket ship treat bagsMartha Stewart works her magic with these mini rocket ships. This multipurpose shape could also be reworked into castle towers for a princess party or little houses to fit with a fairy theme.


minipinatasOne Charming Party takes the pain out of piñata making and lets you save energy for the fun part – breaking them! These are made from cone cups, but can easily be made from the average party version too.

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