11 Kid Sized Spaces

(image sources clockwise from top right Ruta Vitasson, Blesser House, Pinterest, and Momma Design)

When you’re little, there’s nothing better than something being “kid-sized”, especially if it’s a hideout. The adult world can feel so big and a space your size feels special. We’ve collected eleven creative ways to transform whatever spare space you have—be it a closet or a corner— into a kid centric clubhouse.

1.under the stairs playroom, kids playroom, diy playroom, A personal ball pit is definitely every kids’ dream come true! With a sliver of space under the stairs, Momma Society managed to make room for both kinetic and artistic play.

2.playroom under the stairs, diy playroom, polka dot playroomFor a cozier space under the stairs Daffodil Design adds polk dots, pennants, and a pile of pillows. The coloring book panels on the wall are a fun way to invite mini muralists to leave their mark.

3.diy reading closet, reading closet with ladder, converted closet, kids reading nookThis closet reading loft requires a little more handy work, but Bigger Than the Three of Us shares their step by step method. With clothes hanging at child height, this diy might even encourage your kids to help keep their closets clean (no promises though).


diy book nook, book nook with trees, kids converted closet reading nookA small closet can still make a big impact with a set of shelves and some whimsical wall art. This pinterest project could look equally cool with jungle vines or a sea of tropical fish – depending on where your child wants to be transported.

converted closet book nook, kids reading area, converted closet reading area
 A different decorating option is a rotating gallery of your child’s framed artwork or favorite book jackets. As their tastes change, so can the wall. Via Shabby Nest

6.Narnia wardrobe reading nook, armoire reading nook, diy armoire reading nookIf your kids do have an enduring favorite, it can be truly magical to bring it to life. Blesser House’s Narnia reading nook is a child’s fantasy hidden within an elegant armoire. (Just make sure that the furniture is attached to the wall for safety!)

7.foldable cardboard house, diy cardboard house, cardboard book nookIf closet space is at a premium, helllooo New York, it’s still possible to create a cozy nook. When playtime is over, simply fold up this cardboard cottage and slide it out of sight. She Knows shows you how.


diy reading nook, dreamy reading nook,  A curtain and a corner are all you need to create a room out of thin air. Twinkly lights add to the fairy feel. Via Mommo Design


grey painted reading nook, kids reading nook, kids cozy space Another way to take advantage of a corner is to define it with a coat of paint. Ruta Vitasson’s monochromatic palette elevates this kids area but the collection of soft fabrics and friends keep it from feeling cold.


diy reading loft, kids reading space, elevated reading space, cozy kids reading space If you’re lucky enough to have a loft, follow Design Mom‘s lead and give it to the family members who can actually fit in it comfortably. Your kids will adore having their own castle in the clouds.


hidden reading room, secret reading room, kids secret reading room This last space is probably the most daydream worthy of all. If your kids had access to this carpeted cocoon you’d might not ever see them again! Image via Hongikat

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