11 Office Supply Crafts

Winter is nowhere near over but chances are your kids are already going a bit stir crazy. Decluttering your desk may be the perfect way to both calm your mind and keep your little ones occupied. When it comes to sparking creativity, office supplies can be just as inspiring as craft supplies. Rubber bands, paperclips, and post-its are all full of potential – just ask your kids! And don’t be surprised if they start making requests for trips to Staples.


Open the flap of an envelope and you have a tiny house! Make a few for a cheery wall hanging or turn a ton into a paper doll village. Find the houses above in the first Project Kid book.


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Cut up pieces of rubber bands to make all sorts of stripey stamps. Inspiration DIY recommends using blocks, wood shapes, or toilet paper tubes to make repeating designs.


key tag jewelry, office dot jewelry, office supply jewelry, office supply crafts

Office dots can’t be beat when it comes to making patterns that pop! Martha Stewart suggests layering them on paper tags to create custom jewelry and keychains.


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Another fun use for office dots is decorating origami stars. These folds look polished but they are simple enough for small hands. Follow the how-to from Hello Wonderful.


pegboard and rubberband decor wall

kids pegboard, colored pencil pegboard, rubber band art, office supply crafts

Pegboards = possibilities, especially when you add in colored pencils and rubber bands. Younger kids can practice shapes while older engineers can construct bridges or even bookshelves. Project via Apartment Therapy.


post it note pinata, office supply crafts, diy pinata, post it note crafts

Without the fringe, piñatas go from overwhelming to piece-of-cake. Alex Evjen layers post-it notes on paper bags to create these tropical prize filled packages.

7. Perler Bead Paperclip Bookmark, perler bead crafts, office crafts, diy bookmarkPaper clips + perler beads = bookmarks your kids will look forward to using. Follow the instructions from Perler to make a handful of your own.


Create a magical expanding book by using an accordion fold to join envelopes. Fill the pockets with paper mementos and let your kids doodle on the pages to create a book that grows with them. Image via Pinterest, instructions via Mini Meg .


Manila Folder Car Mat, diy toys, office supply crafts

From flat to fantastic, Kids Activities Blog gives manilla folders a makeover by turning them into a multi-level parking garage. Keep adding on for as long as your stairs, or folder supply, will allow.


diy car toys, eraser cars, office supply crafts, office supply toys,

To craft your own cars to go with your new garage, cut and stack erasers. Add push pin wheels and get ready to burn rubber! Via Gente Miuda.


office supply organization, binderclip bookcase, office supply alternative uses, diy bookcase

Lastly, don’t underestimate the strength of the small but mighty binder clip. Stack a variety of boxes to create a freeform shelf that holds books, toys, or office supply art! Via Petit Monde

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