Here’s a blurb from the intro that I wrote for my newest book, Project Kid: Crafts that Go!

If you know even one kid, you know that at a very early age, children develop interests that can accurately be described as full-on obsessions. Some go for princesses, others dinosaurs, but it’s the beloved transportation category that captures the imagination of every kid, from water babies to outer-space explorers. This book was created for them. For every child who has ever laid his little head on the rug to watch the wheels of his train chug slowly along the tracks. For the kid who flies her plane around the living room, dodging lamps and bookshelves to land it safely on the dining room table. And for the one who can make the perfect vroom and screech sounds for his super-fast race car.

But this book is not just about making toys that go. Tailor-made for the fanatical kid, it’s an all-encompassing, immersive crafting and educational experience for children who just can’t get enough of vehicles and the environments in which they are found. Within these seven chapters, you will find playful decor, costumes, accessories, and tons of pretend-play projects that you can make with and for the children in your life.

You know you have one of those kids in your life. Make his or her day and give the book as his/her next gift!

October 13, 2016| Everyday Crafts, STEM, Toys, Upcycled, Vehicles