5 Days ’til Christmas: Dipped Bead Garland


Mention the word garland and I’m all ears. Bunting has the same effect. I even have a whole pin board dedicated to my love of the swag. Honestly, I think I could start a blog solely on the topic of DIY garlands. Hmmm…there’s an idea in there somewhere.

Anyway, back to Christmas crafts. I really wanted to make some dipped wooden beads (I got these from Oriental Trading…just $6.25 for 24 beads!) and so I decided to combine them with my garland obsession.

DSC_0961 DSC_0962

First I started by dipping them horizontally, and then thought it would be fun to turn the bead and dip them the other way. Below are photos of how I dried them. The green grass thingy is a bottle rack by Boon from when my kids were babes, and then I needed more space so I grabbed this foam pumpkin and used it as a pin cushion. I used watered down acrylic paint, and they dried pretty quickly. (I’d say let them sit for 2 hours to be safe.)

I doubled threaded them onto silver string…I think i want to try a more vibrant cord, but mixed with a tree of bright ornaments, it will look pretty rad. Or framing a mirror. Or wrapping around the walls of a kid’s room. Endless possibilities!


I love these beads so much. I love them just sitting on a plate on my mantle. Maybe there’s a necklace in my future.

December 20, 2013| Christmas, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Holidays