9 Days ’til Christmas: Happy Holiday Elf


I’m a big fan of wine corks as a crafting supply. (This in no way reflects how much wine I drink. It doesn’t. Really. Ok maybe a little.) But I’ve never actually made anything with a champagne cork. (Bubbly gives me the hiccups.) After making this little elf, my mind is racing the the characters that a champagne cork can become. Bring on the Veuve!

What you’ll need:

  • Champagne cork
  • 2 skewers
  • 2 toothpicks
  • 4 beads
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Scallop shears
  • Black straight pins
  • Tacky glue
  • Washi tape

Make it:

  1. Hat: Roll a small piece of felt into a tall cone shape and seal along the seam with tacky glue. Trim the bottom edge so it’s straight. Add a 1/4″ band from contrasting felt and glue it around the bottom edge. (I cut it with scallop shears, but you can use regular scissors.) Glue hat to the top of the cork.
  2. Eyes: Push 2 black ball pins into the face about 1/2″ apart.
  3. Scarf: Cut a 6″-by-1/2″ piece of felt and fringe the two ends. Tie it around the “neck” of the cork. Glue down if necessary.
  4. Arms: Push 2 toothpicks into either side of the cork’s body and trim down to about an inch. Glue a small bead to the end of each as a hand.
  5. Legs: Trim skewers to 3″. Wrap washi tape around them and press the points into the bottom of the cork. Glue beads on as feet.
  6. Put your elf on your windowsill, your mantle, or a bookcase. Or fine, you can also put your elf on the shelf.


December 16, 2013| Christmas, Everyday Crafts, Holidays