A Boho Thanksgiving

Our favorite craft supply for Thanksgiving decorating over here at Project Kid is really no surprise…the spoils of autumn like leaves, sticks, acorns—all of those freebies that you can find in your own backyard. This year we decided to bring those treasures inside and warm them up a bit with some soft and cozy yarn. What happened became a bit of a throwback to a 70s, bohemian feel. Check it out!

Yarn and Stick Centerpieces
stick yarn boho thanksgiving centerpiece

Cut bunches of 4-to-6-inch pieces of yarn and tie them onto painted sticks with just one tie (you can also leave your sticks unpainted). Mix up the colors or tie them in color bands to give you a striped effect. Stand them in upcycled bottles and jars filled with rice. You can take these one step further by dipping yarn in fabric stiffener (Aleene’s is the best and only brand that REALLY holds), and writing a word like “thanks” on parchment paper. Let it dry and hot glue the end to the top of the stick.

Yarn and Walnut Acornswalnut and yarn acorn craft thanksgiving

Make a set of oversized acorns! Hot glue a half-inch twig to the top of the walnut, then add a dot of hot glue to start the yarn coil. Keep winding and adding dots of glue until you’ve created the acorn’s cap. Scatter these around the table, put one at every place setting, or display them in a bowl or jar.

Pumpkin Macrame Plant Hangerspumpkin macrame plant hanger thanksgiving craft

We wanted to use the same yarn to make macrame plant hangers, but using one strand wasn’t going to look so great, nor would it work so well. We gathered four strands and followed this how-to from HGTV. Give it a boho twist by wrapping complimentary colors of yarn around the top and bottom of the hanger, and use something shiny like these instead of the traditional wooden beads in the bottom tassel. Once the pumpkins are past their prime, replace them with pots to enjoy these all season long.

Finger-Knit Napkin Ringsfinger knitting napkin ring thanksgiving craft for kids

And lastly, my kids have been obsessed with finger knitting and I just had to figure out how to incorporate this art form into our holiday. I won’t even attempt to give you a perfect how-to for this…you just have to watch the expert Anne Weil from Flax and Twine’s Youtube video for the full instruction. We made them about 12 inches long, tied the brass charms to the ends, and knotted them around the napkins. (PS…check out her absolutely gorgeous book, Knitting Without Needles. It will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and use your arms and fingers as knitting needles!)

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