Animal House Craft

This fun craft project was sponsored by Kid Made Modern.

It’s totally old news that we are big fans of mixing elements of nature into crafts with kids—sticks, rocks, pinecones…they are so sturdy, beautiful, and free! As a kid I used to explore the woods behind my house and pretend I was building nature’s fantasy world to shelter my toy animals and dolls.

When I saw this beautiful Animal Menagerie Craft Kit from Kid Made Modern, I knew I was destined to give it a home. Once your kids have finished coloring in the beautifully designed wood pieces, they can easily assemble the menagerie and start collecting Mother Nature’s craft supplies for the house.  We mixed in some fun colored supplies from the Bright Bundle Craft Kit to add a little pop!

You can build this in so many different ways, but here’s a little detailed exploration of what we did here at Project Kid:

What you’ll need:

1. Use the fuzzy sticks in the Bright Bundle Craft Kit to bind the corners of the house together. You can add a dab of hot glue underneath for extra security if your sticks are on the wonky side. Carefully remove the caps from acorns and glue pom-poms in place of the nut. We used ours to top the main legs of the party house.

2. The pinecone is now nature’s chandelier! Glue the beads from the Bright Bundle Craft Kit to the ends of the pinecone’s scales. Use the colorful string to hang it from criss-crossed sticks above.

3. Cut leaf shapes out of the neon stickers sheets and attach them to the bottoms of the four side posts. We wrapped skinny duct tape around the base of the legs, and set some painted rocks around.

5. It’s always a party with this animal menagerie, so we folded the duct tape around the nylon cord and cut it into flag shapes.

6. No animal can resist a party hat. Make some for this crew out of duct tape and pom-poms.

Thanks to Kid Made Modern for sponsoring this post!

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