Bottle Cap Wreath Ornaments

Upcycle bottle caps from your favorite twist-off soda bottle or buy these from Michaels that have holes, perfect for stringing into a wreath!

1. Paint seven bottle caps, if you are not using colored ones already. Let dry.

2. Embellish six with enamel dot stickers, rhinestones, or sequins.

3. String all seven bottle caps onto a pipe cleaner (use two to keep them from spinning) and twist ends together. Trim excess.

4. Make a small paper bow to attach to the blank cap, or just tie a ribbon and attach with glue dots.

5. Cut an 8-inch long piece of string, fold in half, and loop over the pipe cleaner in the middle to make the hanger.

December 23, 2015| Christmas, Holidays, Upcycled