Bottle Rocket

We’ve all seen toy rockets made from paper towel tubes, cracker boxes, even shipping tubes!

This project takes advantage of one of every household’s biggest frustrations…lost socks!

Upcycle a plastic bottle and use that lone sock to make a toy that can handle serious outer space play!

1. Slip the sock over the bottle. Fold the bottom of the sock under the bottle, trimming it if the excess is more than 2 inches. Hot-glue the sock to the bottom of the bottle.

2. Cut two 2-inch circles from the felt and glue them to the front of the bottle about an inch apart from each other. Cut two 1-inch circles from aluminum foil tape and affix them to the middle of the felt circles.

3. Cut four matching “fin” shapes out of the cardboard, about 5 inches tall, and glue them to the side bottom edges of the covered bottle.

4. Cut two 2-inch lengths of the wrapping paper tube and cover them in foil tape. Wind the red yarn around your hand (about ten times for an average six-yearold’s hand), slip it off, and glue the wad inside one of the tubes. Repeat using the yellow and orange yarns, then repeat this process with the other tube. Glue the tubes to the bottom of the bottle rocket.

February 25, 2015| Everyday Crafts, Upcycled, Vehicles