Cardboard Box Costumes

Everyone knows that the packaging can be more entertaining than what’s inside of it (at least for babies), but I’d say the same is true when it comes to Halloween costumes. Cardboard boxes are sturdy and ripe for creating amazing creations. Here are some of my favorites, some that I’ve made and others that I’ve admired!

I crafted an eco-costume story for Kiwi magazine a few years ago, and this robot (above) was one of them! What you can’t see in this pic is that there are tiny lights around the face opening on the helmet!

vintage tv cardboard box costumeThis retro TV costumes from Oh Happy Day makes me oh so happy! It’s a total throwback to being a child of the 80s!

cardboard box halloween costume circus train

I love this costume by my friend Jodi Levine for Parents magazine! Big sis can pull around little sis in the wagon of this cute circus train.

cardboard box halloween costume juice boxThe pool noodle straw makes this juice box cardboard box costume by Mer Mag totally perfect!

skyscraper halloween costume cardboard box

Skyscraper Halloween costume? And charming as a storybook to boot! Love this idea from The House that Lars Built.

cardboard box halloween costume airplane

cardboard box costume halloween dragon

Here are two two more of the box costumes I made for Kiwi. How cute is that little Amelia Earhart in her plane and fire breathing dragon?!?

Last year my son insisted on a transforming Optimus Prime. I begged him to let me just make the robot, but nope. Not good enough. So here is a video of the final costume!





October 13, 2016| Halloween, Holidays