Classic Halloween Decorations

One of the things I love about Halloween is how widely interpretive it is. You can go gruesome, silly, imaginative, and even the harvest look can compete. This year Woman’s Day asked me to interpret the holiday in three different ways…Classic, Monster, and Country.

While I loved them all, the classic really has my heart. Here are the projects from that story, and you can visit Woman’s Day to get the how-to’s and templates!

(Above) If you have any pool noodles laying around your garage, shape them into legs with duct tape and throw on some tights and shoes to make these hilarious witch legs!

To make this wreath, paint a square boxwood wreath black, and turn leaves into ghosts.

ghost halloween wreath

Do you have a black lamp in your living room? If yes, you can turn yours into a Day of the Dead inspired skull.


October 23, 2017| Decor, DIY Home, Grown-Up, Halloween, Holidays, Styling