Coding Robot Toy for Kids

Thank you UBTECH’s JIMU Robot for sponsoring this post. JIMU Robot kits are a fun way to bring robotics into every kid’s day to day. The system relies on three steps: Building, Coding, and Playing. Robot kits from UBTECH offer a wide variety of challenging builds for the curious children in your lives. With JIMU Robot, kids 8+ can engage in STEM learning with their award-winning interactive robotic building block system!

If I had to list all of the things that my 9-year-old son Oliver loves, until now I would have thought that it would be impossible for a toy to exist that touches all the bases. I find it hard to find toys for him that allow him to explore his creativity, his sharp robotics skills, and his love of building all in one. Let me explain…

Oliver’s top 3 interests right now include, but are not limited to…

  1. Game design and coding
  2. Construction toys
  3. Anything related to Percy Jackson


But along came the UBTECH JIMU FireBot. This robot is amazing…you open the box to find all of the components and pieces neatly organized and arranged with a quick-start guide. You first download the free app (it works with both iOS and Android), and it takes you step-by-step through the building process, allowing you to zoom in and rotate the diagram 360 degrees so you can really make sure you are attaching the pieces accurately.

Right now Oliver is obsessed with mythical creatures from reading all of his Percy Jackson books, but if your kid is interested in sports, UBTECH has a JIMU robot for you too. (They also make a unicorn that my daughter is now begging me for!) And if your child loves to march to the beat of her own drum, she doesn’t have to build the robot exactly as it looks on the packaging (we are all about customization here at Project Kid)! As long as the mechanics are connected properly for the computer to function, the sky is the limit when it comes to design!

Whenever we build creations that have lots of little parts, we always get ourselves set up first. To start, we dump the large pieces in a tray (this time we used a big cookie sheet) and the small pieces go in separate small bowls. That helps prevent the “mom, I can’t find this piece!” mantra. And then I like to lay a fleece blanket on the floor under where we are sitting. This trick helps prevent dropped pieces from bouncing away from you. There is nothing worse than coming to the end of a build and not having all of the pieces!

We broke up our build into a few sessions one the weekend. We kept the components guide handy so we made sure we were selecting the right pieces for the right spots. And once we were done and connected to bluetooth, we were blown away at how the FireBot came to life!

The JIMU FireBot has you build, then code, and then play, igniting your child’s curiosity about STEM learning from beginning to end. You can code the LED light to glow fiery red as the jaw opens and closes, and make the FireBot drive smoothly around the house, flapping its wings.

I’m excited to continue to watch Oliver explore both his imagination and his coding skills!

The JIMU FireBot kit is available in store at Target, and from the following online retailers:,, Kohls,com,,, and

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