Craft Workshop Inspiration!

Project Kid started the new year with a big change – a new workshop at the inspiring Industry City in Brooklyn! We feel beyond lucky to have a place dedicated to crafting and only crafting. We’ve unpacked all of our supplies but there’s still so much space to play with. For now we’re filling it with daydreams until we craft the perfect layout. Below is some of the studio eye candy our Pinterest boards have been bursting with!

studio walls, workshop walls, studio inspiration, pegboard

Wall storage is number one on our list! Pegboards rule craft rooms for a reason. As Oh Happy Day demonstrates, they’re perfect for holding everything from spray paint to spools of ribbon. We love the way Ladies & Gentleman Studio pairs their pegboard with a metallic grid.  The shelves in the third image are designed to hold supplies for an entire children’s art studio, but with the amount of materials we have, they’d probably fit just right. We also love how artist Lisa Congdon’s bookshelf is accessible, organized, and even has space to display treasures.


studio inspiration, workshop inspiration, studio containers, workshop containers

For more contained storage options, light wood looks so lovely with pops of color. We tend to forget about our patterned paper when it’s all rolled together but a hutch like this one repurposed by Something Turquoise would show it off, plus it doubles as a seamless shooting station – genius! Our props are another collection that would be fun to display (image via StudioDIY). Craft Storage Ideas demonstrates how a smart combination of shelves, drawers from Ikea, and hangers allows a slim closet to be used to its full potential.


studio inspiration, studio style, home studio elements, studio furniture

While Project Kid isn’t a home studio anymore, that doesn’t mean we need to lose all the homey touches. A couch like Judit Just’s would be the perfect spot from which to admire all the artwork on the walls. Justina Blakeney’s cabinet brings a bright pop of color while holding drinkware and pillows. And though we might not have enough space for a human-sized rabbit, it would be nice to capture some of the whimsy of Nathalie Lete’s workspace. We are also totally tempted to copy Say Yes’s swing set, after all unleashing your inner kid might not be a bad way to brainstorm craft ideas.


studio inspiration, workshop inspiration, painted floors, white floors

Though white floors could invite messes they also transform the whole room into a blank canvas and what’s more inspiring than that? Images clockwise from top left FJELDBORG, The Cottage Market, Say Yes and In/Out . Say Yes adds a smart touch by installing a roll of seamless near the ceiling for a ready-in-a-second photo shoot.


studio plants, studio inspiration, creative space greenery

Saving room for sunlight and greenery will help keep our workshop zen. We love that Jasika Nicole ‘s studio has a treehouse feel thanks to those lovely windows full of leaves. The white planters in Sarah Sherman Samuel’s office make it seem like the plants are growing out of the space itself. Designer Lotta Nieminen and artist Abby Kasonik both demonstrate that it only takes a few strategically placed plants to make a big impact.


studio inspiration, moodboard inspirationFinally, even after our workshop is “complete”, we will always continue to daydream! Mood boards are the ultimate inspiration tool. It couldn’t be easier to add to a grid like Design by Tjejen. Paper and Stitch has the good idea to double their giant house mood board as an organizer. We love how Emma Robertson’s mood board takes over her wall and Judit Just’s is so multi dimensional.

Stay tuned as we share the results of all this inspiration in our own workshop!

March 15, 2018| Decor, Furniture, Organization, Styling, Wall Decor