New Column: Crafter Crush!

Just when I think I know every crafter crafting, I discover a new one on Instagram that takes my breath away.

Do yourself a favor and scroll through the Instagram feed and blog of Wundertütchen (which, according to my fluent German—AKA Google Translate—means The Miracle).

I thought I’d seen everything in the Halloween food category until I came upon these bread aliens. (Above)

cactus party cups


I’m not over the cactus craze, and these cactus cups do not disappoint!

cookie family portraits

These cookie portraits would be cute no matter what, but the name tags and frames? I mean come on! How cute would it be to serve these on a tray at a birthday party? Answer: so cute.

bat shooters halloween craft

And since Halloween is just days away, I couldn’t resist posting about this bat pom-pom shooter! Cut open the bottom and stretch a balloon over it so you can catapult pom-pom pellets!

October 27, 2016| Decor, Everyday Crafts, Food, Halloween, Holidays, Parties, Toys