Crafts for Mini-Engineers

Last week I visited with Shelley Goldberg at NY1 to talk about fun crafts that also have an educational spin to them. If you asked me, all of my projects have a STEAM element to them…kids are building, making decisions, learning about structure, form, and balance. But here are a few that worked well for this short segment.

Among others, I showed two of the DIY Erector Sets from my newest book, Project Kid: Crafts that Go! They are all made with just two materials…


1. Cardboard and duct tape


2. Straws and pipe cleaners


3. Air-dry clay and toothpicks.

The power of crafting does beyond fun…it’s good for the brain cells!

October 6, 2016| Back to School, Everyday Crafts, STEM, Upcycled