Delicious Easter Candy Decorations

I’m usually very anti- the idea of decorating with sugary, edible items as craft materials for all the obvious reasons…the waste, the insect-attraction factor, the potential for decomposition. But honestly, Easter has me rethinking this rule of thumb. And I think because you don’t typically leave Easter decorations up for weeks on end, it’s totally excusable. Pass the Peeps please!

I made these sprinkle and icing Easter eggs for Parents magazine a bunch of years ago. They are so much fun to make, and there a ton of different techniques! I used corn syrup as glue…worked better than hot glue!

Martha Stewart always takes Easter to a different place. I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near these beautifully styled jars of Easter candy!

What’s prettier than a sugary, gumdrop wreath like this one from A Pretty Cool Life? Just shellac it and save it for Christmas!

I love the idea of using candy-dot paper strips as easter basket decor like this one from Parents magazine (ok, I know…but I used to work there!).

You can’t talk about Easter candy decorations without Peeps. This sweet topiary by Country Woman magazine is amazingly easy to make. Go ahead and use your glue gun on this one…who wants to eat peeps anyway?

March 26, 2013| Decor, DIY Home, Easter, Everyday Crafts, Food, Holidays, Parties