DIY Animal Envelope Crafts

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There are a few types of gift wrappers…

  • The Task Master: I have my gift wrapped in the store, even if I have to pay for it.
  • The Bag Lady: I drop the present into a gift bag, toss in some tissue paper, and done.
  • The Forager: I’m grab for newspaper or anything large that I can get my hands and slap some tape and ribbon together as I’m walking out the door to the party.
  • The Martha: I have a gift-wrap station, with various papers, tapes, ribbons, paper punches and embellishments. It’s my happy place.


I fall somewhere between the Forager and the Martha, but I dream of living my true self as a gift-wrap star! I live in New York, so there’s no space for a true “station,” but I do have a craft studio with literally every type of embellishment that one could want. So when the forethought is there, I try to get gift wrapping done during the work day or I bring supplies home with me.

If you have a few moments to add a little craft to your gift-wrap game, I promise it will make you feel good when you hand over the gift or place it among the ho-hum boxes on a table. Here is my trick for taking a very simply wrapped gift to the next level: bring that envelope to life with brightly colored paper!

When Astrobrights asked me to partner with them on their 50th-anniversary color celebration, I thought, how would I give this rainbow-loving paper company a dazzling 50th birthday gift? So I set out to make this animal menagerie of envelopes…equally perfect for baby showers, kids’ birthdays, and anyone that loves a little surprise and delight in their day!

What you’ll need:


1 Unfold an A1 envelope and trace onto your Astrobrights paper. If you don’t have an envelope, you can print this template right onto the color paper of your choice!

trace envelope template

2. Cut out the flat envelope and fold where the 4 triangular shapes meet the middle rectangle.

cut out envelope template

3. Glue-stick the sides of the two side flaps and adhere the middle section.

gluing envelope together

4. Print out the template of your choice and while cut out the corresponding shapes with your color choice of paper (I used Solar Yellow, Plasma Pink, Cosmic Orange, Eclipse Black and Stardust White). Here are the available free downloads: bunny and rooster, walrus and owl, raccoon and hedgehog, and giraffe.

cut templates to make animal envelope craft diy

5. Use your glue stick to attach all features to the envelope.

glue facial features to envelopes for craft diy paper astrobrights

6. Use white colored pencil to add sparkle to eyes (optional).

add brightness with white pencil to hedgehog eye

Astrobrights had the bright idea to sponsor this post!

bunny rabbit carrot paper astrobrights envelope craft

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