DIY BFF Rainbow Necklace

As a kid, I remember the excitement when my BFF Traci and I got our Best Friend heart necklaces…you know the ones: The right says “BE FRI” and the left says “ST ENDS.” If that were us today, I’m certain we’d post a boomerang of the heart halves coming together and going apart.

I still love the broken heart necklace, and it is seen in so many forms these days (like this adorable DIY kit from Fair Play Projects). So I thought I’d come up with another, but I wanted something that could also stand alone with its own magic.

With National Best Friends Day approaching on June 8th, you have plenty of time this week to get your craft on! Your kids can make these rainbow charms into two bracelets, two necklaces, or, if you want to keep the whole rainbow to yourself (understandable), as two earrings. Here’s how we did it…

What you’ll need:

Trace the 2 1/4″ circle on one piece of felt. Move down a 1/4″ each time using the circle stencils. If you don’t have this circle template, you can also gather lids from around the house to trace.

materials for felt rainbow necklace

Cut out the circles.

circle felt pieces for rainbow necklace

Cut the circles in half.

cut circles in half to make half circles felt rainbow necklace

Glue the half circles on top of each other, making sure to line up the bottom straight edge.

glue half circles on top of each other to make rainbow necklace

Cut the rainbow in half.

rainbow cut in half to make matching rainbow necklaces

Cut the bottom wedge out of each side. (Because the pieces of the felt end up to be so small and delicate, it’s easier to glue them as larger pieces and cut them down, rather than vice versa.)

turn rainbow wedges into arches for rainbow necklace diy craft

Cut out white clouds from felt and glue them to the bottom corner (I doubled mine for extra cloudiness.)

make rainbow clouds with felt

Glue the necklace string to the back top of the rainbow and secure with a small square of felt.

glue rainbow to string to make a necklace

You can make your rainbow the traditional ROYGBIV, or go out on your own and mix it up.

bff rainbow necklaces

best friend rainbow necklace charm diy craft

June 4, 2019| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Jewelry and Fashion, Older Elementary, St. Patrick's Day, Tween to Teen, Yarn & Fabric