DIY Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box


Visit the Etsy blog for the instructions!

 “What do you give a friend who has everything?” You’ve said it before, and there’s no doubt you’ll say it again. But here’s an idea: one gift that even the owner of everything could use is a chic box to store all those stylish bibs and bobs in. (Pretty genius, right?) So you start to shop for a cool trinket box, and I’ll tell you, because I’ve done it — you either find the glamorous, glossy, $200 variety or the $10 job that doesn’t quite match the elegance of said friend.

What a pleasant surprise, then, that this DIY faux-geode trinket box — the one that looks like it could cost close to $250 — only requires about $20 worth of supplies, provided you already have food coloring and glue in your craft arsenal. And if you assume you need a lab coat and beakers to “grow” your own decorative crystals, think again. This project can be completed right on your kitchen counter — no science degree required.

Here’s what you need:

geode-box-materialsNow head over to the Etsy blog for the step-by-step how-to! I’ll just beat you to it: you’re welcome.



December 11, 2014| Christmas, Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Holidays