DIY Denim Hobbyhorse

Giddy up and get crafting to make this adorable denim hobbyhorse from old jeans!

What you’ll need:

• Old kids’ jeans, about a size 4

• Scissors

• Seam ripper (optional)

• Rubber band

• Batting

• T wine

• Brown felt

• Hot-glue gun

• 2 small black buttons

• 2 large colored buttons

• Long stick

• Bandanna


  1. Cut the jeans in half vertically, through the fly. Remove both back pockets (a seam ripper makes this a bit easier) and set aside.
  2. Turn one leg inside out. Rubber band the ankle tightly, then turn the leg right-side out. Fully stuff the leg with batting.
  3. To create the horse’s head, tie the center of a 4-foot-long piece of twine around the leg about 3 inches from the rubber-banded ankle, wrapping it two or three times. Knot the twine and then bend the stuffed pant leg and wrap the twine around the thicker part of the leg (the horse’s neck). Tie in a knot, leaving the remaining twine to hang off the back as reins.
  4. Cut a 3-inch-wide piece of brown felt, about 24 inches long. Cut a 1-inch-deep fringe along each long edge (leaving about an inch intact in the center). Have an adult apply a line of hot glue in the center and fold the felt strip in half.
  5. Have an adult hot-glue the edge of the fringed mane down the center of the horse’s head and neck, in between the two pieces of twine.
  6. Have an adult hot-glue each small black button to a larger green button and hot-glue in place as eyes.
  7. Fold the outside edges of each jean pocket to form an ear shape and have an adult hot-glue the ears on either side of the mane.
  8. Insert a long stick into the bottom of the horse’s neck and wrap tightly with the bandanna, making sure to seal in all of the batting. Giddyup!

March 14, 2020| Animals, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Older Elementary