DIY Ice Cream Sundae Sneakers

diy ice cream sneaker craft kids

School is out (or almost!) for summer! And just like kids get their new pencils and backpacks before the start of school, summertime brings fresh, new sneakers for warm weather activities.

I made three fun sneaker projects for kids to do with their parents that can be found over on, and these Sundae sneaks are the first that I’ll share here at Project Kid.

Head over to Ebay and check out all of the fun craft ideas they are serving up for summer!

Ice Cream Sundae Shoes

What You Need:


1. Help your child draw an ice cream shape on the front of each shoe using a pencil. Leave white space at the toe for “whipped cream.”
2. Have the child paint the shape. Here, we chose pink. (Crafter’s tip: Be careful around the rubber edges of the shoes. Wipe off the paint immediately upon contact — or, to be extra careful, tape them off first.)
3. From the bottom of the ice scream scoop to the heel, have your child paint each shoe a very watered-down camel hue to match the color of an ice cream cone.
4. While the cone is drying, add several dots of glue to each white toe and together add bugle beads as sprinkles.
5. Once the paint is dry, draw intersecting brown lines over the cone sections. Hold a ruler in place for your child to trace for more precision if desired.
6. Lace sneakers, then stitch two pom-poms on either side of each shoelace as the cherry (this is best for a parent to do).

June 13, 2016| Everyday Crafts, Jewelry and Fashion, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Summer