DIY Nesting Doll Costume

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Nesting dolls are such a childhood memory for me…my grandmother brought some back from a trip and I was so enamored with them. And I know I’m not alone; nesting dolls (or matryoshka dolls) have had a little rebirth, both nostalgically and in the marketplace.

When my friends at suggested this idea to us, we were all in! It’s such a cute idea for a group of friends, siblings, or cousins. We used the zip hoodie as the head covering and layered the girls up with leggings, the pocket skirt (my fave piece!), and the classic t.

This is a costume that will certainly turn heads on Halloween, and one that will encourage these three little trick-or-treaters to stay together!

What you’ll need:

how to make a nesting doll costume halloween


Make It!


  1. Fold a piece of felt in half. The rectangle of felt should be a bit smaller than the front panel of the pocket skirt. Draw a scallop shape on the felt and cut out. Unfold.
  2. Download templates and trace them onto bright colors of felt. You can create you own flower pattern or be inspired by the ones we made! 
  3. Hot-glue the felt pieces to the apron and hot glue a ribbon around the top edge as the belt. 


  1. Cut a flower and leaf from craft foam. Hot glue them to a small piece of cardboard
  2. Stamp a flower and leaf border around the bandana, and use the cork to make polka dots through the center.

DIY nesting doll costume for kids halloween

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