DIY Party Garlands

My daughter Sommer’s birthday falls in early April, and here in New York, there is no guarantee of gorgeous, spring weather. So for her first birthday, I’m just going to do it up at home. We have a pretty big living/dining/kitchen “open-concept” room and I’ve been trying to figure out what broad-stroke decorations I can create to really give the room a transformation. I took this photo last weekend at Erica Tanov (best store!) and decided on pink and yellow, with a splash of navy, for the color world. The store has a Parcel pop-up shop in the back which is where these sweet garlands came from. Depending on how you make and then use garlands, they can do the trick to really take over a room.

My criteria for this project are… (1) Bold & Impactful (2) Quick & Easy (3) Inexpensive & Accessible.

Big-fringe-garlandOh crepe paper, how I love you so! These big fringe garlands are so easy to make and can seriously take over the most blah of spaces. By Oh Happy Day.

Half-moon-garlandI’m a little tired of the circle garland, but the half circle? I’m okay with it. But really, it’s how they used this garland that really works. You can use it to take up a whole wall with this elegant swag. Via Pinterest, by Fellow Fellow on Etsy.

I love the watery, washy quality of these painted book pages from Lilla A. What if they are strung up around a room, sort of like the traditional Tibetan prayer flags? Hmmm….

Don’t rule out paper chains as a totally viable throw-back DIY garland. They are super simple to make and you can craft a lot of them to really fill a space. Via Pinterest, via Parcel Post.

I think adding a little glitter twinkle into the mix is a good idea. I love how these strips of fabric looked dipped in glitter. And the idea of my guests leaving with a little glitter in their hair is just plain nice. Via Pinterest, by Michelle Edgemont.

March 7, 2013| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Parties