DIY Puppy Dog Pull-Toy

My kids are obsessed with getting a dog right now. Like consumed beyond imagination. And while we are totally willing to do it eventually, we keep putting them off and promising that it will happen at a later date.

I wonder what will happen if I convince them to make their own puppy dog on wheels? I say it’s the perfect pet…it doesn’t need to be fed, walked, bathed, or cleaned up after!

What you’ll need:

diy dog toy craft materials

• Cardboard

• Pen or pencil

• Scissors

12 small red, 4 large red, and 5 small pink pom-poms 

Tacky glue

• 1 pipe cleaner

• White felt

• 3 tiny black pom-poms

• 3 Matchbox cars

• 2 tongue depressors

• Yarn

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

1 Draw a 4-inch-tall-by-5-inch-long dog on cardboard and cut it out. Don’t worry if your dog isn’t perfect or poodlelike—a general canine shape will work.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

2 Glue red yarn pom-poms to one side of the dog—two small ones on each leg, two large ones on the body, and two more small ones for the head and snout. Glue two pink pompoms on top of the bottommost pom-poms to make the paws. Repeat on the other side of the cardboard dog.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

3 To make the dog’s tail, cut a 3-inch length of pipe cleaner and glue a pink pom-pom to the end. Poke the other end into the cardboard and secure it with glue.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

4 To make the ears, cut two small teardrop shapes, about 1 inch tall, from the felt. Glue the pointed ends to the sides of the dog’s head and finish the dog’s face by gluing the tiny black pom-poms onto the head and snout as the eyes and nose.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

5 To make the base of the pull toy, glue a 12-by- 4-inch piece of felt around a 6-by-4-inch piece of cardboard.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

6 Glue the Matchbox cars to the underside of the cardboard (one in front, two in back).

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

7 Glue a tongue depressor to each side of the base to cover the cardboard edges.

diy pull toy dog craft project kids

8 To make the pull cord, braid six 30-inch-long strands of yarn together to make a 24-inch cord. Glue it to the underside of the base, in front of the single car. Glue the dog’s feet to the top of the base.



April 2, 2020| Animals, Baby, Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Older Elementary, Upcycled, Yarn & Fabric