DIY Rocket Ship Toy

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how to craft a diy rocket for kids

At Project Kid we love all types of transportation toys, but none spark imagination quite like a rocket ship. Encourage your kids to shoot for the moon with this DIY star ship. In a few years you may not even need to be an astronaut to leave earth, but for now your kids can sail through space from your living room.

We engineered our rocket ship with a few basic supplies but when we started using the P-touch Embellish Tape and Ribbon Printer, it took the project to a whole other level of the atmosphere! Your little one can personalize the fins and flames with 9 patterned tapes, and more than 10 solid colors, plus 14 fonts and over 400 symbols. When they’re done they’ll be able to recognize their ship from a million galaxies away

What you’ll need:

  • 8 oz (or 16 oz) cylindrical glue bottle
  • golf sock
  • Round cardboard coaster
  • P-touch Embellish ribbon and tape printer
  • P-touch Embellish red ribbon, bright green and pastel blue tapes
  • Silver duct tape
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • 1 ½ inch diameter bottle top
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Watch this video to learn how to make a rocket of your own and following along with the steps below!

1. Pull the sock over the glue bottle and trim any excess, then glue edges to the bottom of the glue bottle. Wrap and glue a 2-inch wide band of felt around the bottle. 

2. Trace the bottle top twice on felt and cut out circles. Cut two more matching circles out of the silver tape and trim them down to fit within the felt circles (adhere tape to wax paper to make it easier to cut!). Glue the two felt circles to the front of the rocket body.

3. Glue plastic lid to the bottom of the rocket.

4. Cut 3 fins out of cardboard and cover each piece with silver duct tape on both sides; trim around the edges.

5. Use the P touch Embellish to print out fun tape with fun patterns or names. Attach tape to decorate the fins, as well as the edge of the bottle top. 

6. Next print out a variety of 3-to-6-inch red ribbon printed with phrases and patterns for rocket flames. (We used a zig zag zodiac symbol and “3.2.1..blast off!” typed in San Diego font.) Join the ends of each ribbon with hot glue to create loops then attach to the underside of the bottle top.

6. Attach the fins to the side and back of the rocket with hot glue then attach the bottle top with flames to the bottom of the glue bottle.

Blast off!!

make a rocket diy craft with your kids

Thanks to Brother for sponsoring this post and providing us crafters with a new tool for our trade!

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