DIY Sand Art Cards

Seeing a row of clear jars filled with colored sand gives me all the feels. The rainbow joy, the craft potential, and the throwback memories to when I used to layer colored sand in little glass bottles.If you want to give sand art a more 2020 vibe, try this fun project that I made for my friends at Oriental Trading. Head over to Fun 365 to add the project to cart and purchase everything that you need to make these!

The sand assortment that I used comes with enough sand for oodles of projects (twelve 22-ounce jars!); this would be a great activity for a play date or birthday party! Make sure to cover your work surface or use a tray, or your table will look like a colorful sandy beach!

Here’s what you need:

Here’s how you do it:

1. Cut white cardstock down to the size you want your cards to be. We made 5″ by 7″ and 6″-square cards.

2. Stick foam letters or shapes onto the cardstock. Remember that you are going to eventually peel these off, so tape them down with medium pressure.


3. With a paint brush or foam brush, spread Mod Podge® around the stickers. Try not to let the Mod Podge® pool around the sticker edges, as that will create clumps of sand that might accidentally get pulled off. You want to paint a light coat, but enough so that your sand will stick into it.


4. Using a spoon, generously sprinkle the sand color of your choice over the wet Mod Podge®. This set comes with a dozen colors so the possibilities are endless!


5. Press sand down with your hand or the back of the spoon. This helps the sand stick to the glue. Then dump, shake, or tap the sand off the card and let it dry.


6. Pull the stickers off carefully and slowly.


7. Hang up your new sand art notecards or write on them and give them to friends!

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January 7, 2020| Uncategorized