DIY Yarn Pom-Pom Fruit

If you know how to make a pom-pom, then this craft is a cinch! If you’ve never made one before, check out this easy-to-follow tutorial over on Design Mom!

1. For the lemon: Trim the yellow pom-pom into the shape of a lemon.

2. For the apple: Cut a small indentation at the top of the red pom-pom and glue a 1-inch twig into the indentation. Cut a 3⁄4- to 1-inch leaf from green felt and glue it to the stem.

3. For the grapes: For each purple pom-pom, trim one side of the 8-inch strings to the length of the pom-pom and leave one long. Tie the strings together to make a bunch of grapes, tying the top of the bunch more closely together and letting the bottom grapes hang down on their strings. Glue a 1-inch twig into the center of the bunch as the stem.

January 6, 2016| Everyday Crafts, Yarn & Fabric