Easter Egg Animals

Bunnies and chicks often steal the spotlight at Easter, but they aren’t the only animals who are craft-worthy! Who says a panda and a penguin can’t be festive? An Easter egg is the perfect canvas for all sorts of creatures. Whether your favorite animals are of the woodland, farm, or tropical variety, we’ve collected 10 fun ways to animate your eggs.

1. Don’t be deceived, this doe-pe deer only looks difficult to make. With a faux flower crown and felted collar you craft a show stopper just like Lauren Conrad’s.

2. paper punch easter eggs, woodland creature easter eggs, animal easter eggs, cute diy easter eggsFor another woodland option, Lia Griffith shares great ideas for using a paper punch. A few circles and a set of ears will make your eggs bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time.


Swan and Flamingo Easter Eggs, Bird Easter Eggs, Paper Easter Egg Decorations, Fun Easter Egg Decorations, Tropical Easter Egg Decorations They may not quite be birds of a feather, but a swan and flamingo still look sweet flocking together. Follow Studio DIY‘s lead to help eggs hatch into beautiful birds.


Farm Animal Easter Eggs, Pig Easter Eggs, Cute Easter Eggs, Animal Easter Eggs

Though they usually prefer mud puddles, these crafty pigs will look right at home on your Easter table. Martha Stewart keeps them cute from their button noses to their curly tails using crepe paper and pipe cleaners.


Yarn Easter Egg, White Rabbit Easter Egg, Bunny Easter Egg, Yarn Bunny Easter Egg

If you want to keep it classic, you can’t go wrong with a white rabbit. Covered in yarn, felt, and pom poms, we heart these fuzzy little bunnies from Parents magazine.


Easter Egg Garland, Animal Easter Egg Garland, Chick Easter Egg Garland, Kids Easter Garland

To craft Easter decorations that aren’t in danger of cracking, a plastic egg garland is a cheery choice. Chicks and bunnies keep things bright and can be used year after year. via Family Fun

7. Easter Egg Animal Cups, Easter Eggs with Drawings, Animal Easter EggsThese cute egg cups from Archies can morph into any animal you want, just add ears (and accessories!)!


Easter Egg Finger Print Drawings, Animal Easter Egg Decorations,

We love these fingerprint eggs from Fraulein Klien – especially the panda. Starting with such a simple shape means the types animals you can make are only limited by your imagination!


Animal Easter Eggs, Golden Animal Toy Easter EggsTiny toys, whose main purpose seem to be poking your feet on the rug, are given new life perched atop Easter eggs. Flax and Twine douses them in gold for a look that’s refined but still playful.


Edible Animal Easter Eggs, Animal Easter Egg DecoratingEncourage your kids to play with their food for once. These edible animals are a waste-free way to craft for Easter. Though they’re so cute you might be tempted to keep them around for at least an hour or two. Follow directions from Eating Richly.

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