Easter Egg Craft Smarts

Really and truly, I could come up with dozens of topics for Easter egg posts…animals eggs, people eggs, egg totems…but I feel the need to think outside the shell a little bit. Today, I’ve chosen to feature egg crafts that are a specific color for a specific reason. Huh, you ask? Take a look…

As a New Yorker, the brilliance of these MTA Subway eggs above just can’t even be put into words. I’m just mad I never thought of it. Made by The Soho.

Oh Pantone, how we love to use you as a motif! How About Orange dyed eggs, then accurately matched them to her Pantone chips. Smart lil lady.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to bring color theory into Easter egg crafting. And turn out a gorgeous, modern result. Found via Present & Correct.

March 21, 2013| DIY Home, Easter, Everyday Crafts, Holidays