Easy St. Patty’s Necklace

From first to twelfth grade, I had to wear a uniform to school—it was some combination of gray, navy, light blue, khaki, and white. With that ever-so exciting palette to work with, I clearly had to get creative on St. Patrick’s Day to escape the pinchers!

While most accomplished this by wearing green underwear, I would take to my accessory collection to find the most green, yet dress-code compliant item I could.

st patty's day necklace craft for kids

This is a dang easy craft, so I don’t even want to insult you with a list of materials and how-to pics. Gather all of the green beads you have…if you’re not like me with buckets of beads laying around, think outside the box. Got green straws you can cut into beads? How about some penne that you can dye or paint? The fun is in the mixing of shapes and tones to create a playful bauble to wear on March 17th. I added a green ribbon and a little dash of gold just for fun.

As my son would say, this one is “easy peasy lemon squeezie!” (Maybe lime squeezie in this case!)

easy st patricks day necklace craft

March 6, 2017| Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Jewelry and Fashion, St. Patrick's Day