Easy Yarn Ornaments

Yarn and cardboard…cardboard and yarn—2 things that you should hoard if you have little crafters around. These sweet star and gift ornaments are so easy to make, you can craft a tree-full while watching Elf on DVD.

Here’s what you do…

Cut 3” stars or 2” squares from cardboard. Stick glue dots to both sides of the points and corners, and begin wrapping yarn, making sure to cross the glue dots when turning corners. Wrap until the shape is fully covered and knot the end of the yarn when finished. Tie a yarn bow around the square to make a present. Make a hanger by tying on a piece of string to the back.

Play around with other shapes and fill up that tree!

December 20, 2018| Christmas, Early Elementary, Holidays, Older Elementary, Preschool, Yarn & Fabric