Embroidery Hoop Fabric Photos

You can never go wrong with a photo gift. It works perfectly for a childhood friend, for your spouse, and it’s a beautifully suited gift for Mother’s Day.

This endearing object has a bit of nostalgia mixed with a bit of humor. It’s a perfect combination. This Avery Printable Fabric is the product to buy!

1. Print your photograph in a circle about 1/2" wider than the diameter of your hoop. (Follow printing instructions on package.) If you don't have editing software to create a circle, just make sure to print the frame-able section to the width of the hoop.

2. Secure fabric in the hoop. Trim and hot glue edges of the fabric to the inside of the wooden hoop.

3. Add bead, ribbon, yarn, or wire embellishments with hot-glue gun.

May 5, 2015| Decor, DIY Home, Gifts