Essential Worker Costume for Kids

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If one good thing came out of this crazy 2020, it’s that the public-at-large recognized the true importance of the Essential Worker. This year, at Project Kid, we could have made 83 different essential worker costumes, from doctors to nurses  to grocery store clerks to fire fighters.

essential worker halloween costume diy halloween

But since healthcare has been the real focus of the year, we are honoring the people that work in the hospitals—the doctors, nurses, hospitalists, physician assistants—all of ’em with this essential workerHalloween costume.

We were excited to get to work with Primary again this year on our Halloween 2020 costumes! They have the best, most durable basics that fit and last until your child grows out of em. And with these costumes, your kiddo will get to wear, play, and quarantine in these clothes long after Halloween.

doctor essential worker costume halloween diy

What you’ll need;



  1. Tie yarn to the middle portion of the headband.
  2. Wrap yarn around about 2 to 3 inches of the headband. Glue to keep keep yarn in place on the far side.
  3. Tie the yarn back to the starting place and make knot. Add a dot of hot-glue to secure.
  4. Cut a 6 to 8-inch piece of yarn and tie it to the yarn loop from step 3.
  5. Glue the end of the yarn into the larger plastic bottle cap. 
  6. Glue the smaller cap into the larger cap.
  7. Glue 2 pom-poms to the ends of the headband to make the ear pieces.


  1. Tear two pieces of black duct tape about 12 to 15-inches long. Attach them to each other, sticky-side together.
  2. Wrap black duct tape around the 3 edges of the box, taping the double-sided tape from step 1 in place as the handle. 
  3. Trace the faces of the box on white card stock, cut them out, and glue them to the front and back of the box.
  4. Cut two red plus signs and glue them to either side of the box. 

Order your Primary pieces by October 21st to get them in time for Halloween!

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