Families Belong Together

Artwork by Chicnawdie. All proceeds from the sale of this print go to RAICES Texas.

At Project Kid we spend so much time thinking of meaningful ways to spend time with kids—creative ways, playful ways…collecting and inventing activities that will help your kids see the world with bigger eyes and more possibility. We love this challenge and we love inspiring families to unplug and create.

But there is always something in the back of my mind that tells me that I need to infuse the real challenges of our world as parents and as global citizens into this conversation. And it’s not just the fact that there are billions of kids without a fancy set of markers and a stocked craft closet, because frankly, you can exercise your imagination with rocks, string, and scrap newspaper. But rather, it’s about the families, both old and young, that are struggling on a wide spectrum of issues. The far right end of that spectrum is the current situation at our Southern borders—families who are coming into our country seeking asylum from gang violence, abuse, and sex slavery who are being met with more division, an extreme lack of empathy, and frankly, soullessness.

There is so much to read and so much confusion on what our best course of action should be—I feel this close to flying down to Texas to parade separated children in front of detained parents. But that is clearly not happening. I found this article on Cup of Jo to be clear and concise, with great actionable items for ways to help. (There’s a follow-up article here since Trump’s executive order to stop the separation of families.)

I know I am not changing the world with this post, nor am I carrying a child on my hip, helping him find his parents at a Walmart detention center. But I’m recognizing that KIDS are our PROJECTS…families are works in progress and we are all responsible for one another. Life can feel really overwhelming…health, money stress, relationships and school worries are real and can loom large when they are hovering in your life. But, as the voice behind Project Kid, if I don’t take the time to join in on these conversations, then the fun stuff—the crafts, parties and beauty—feel meaningless and empty.

I’ve felt nervous to tackle these topics here because I’m not a reporter and I know the trolls of the cyber world can be cruel, but I hope as I start to talk more about bigger issues—and I swear they won’t all be political—I hope you will join in on the conversation with advice for my audience and also for me.

June 22, 2018| Family Bonding