Father’s Day Photo Collage

chalkboard father's day collageOk, I’m not ruining a Father’s Day surprise here…I promise! You see, my husband’s birthday is June 15th, smack dab in the middle of Father’s Day season. So I’m lucky and cursed at the same time. If I do one gift, it has to be a biggie, and if I do two gifts, well, I have to actually think of two to make or buy!

But sometimes a moment strikes when you realize that spending money just isn’t necessary, and you can go right for the tear ducts with one fell swoop. Enter, the “Why We Love Daddy” photo collage.

This took all of 20 minutes to shoot and about another 10 to edit and collage using the amazing PicMonkey.com. I posted it on Instagram and Facebook, tagging him of course, and in the middle of his work day and all of the one-liner Facebook birthday wishes streaming in, this popped up and BAM! I knocked it out of the park.

I think I’m good through Father’s Day, don’t you?


June 16, 2015| Everyday Crafts, Father's Day, Gifts, Holidays