Father’s Day Phrenology

If you had to guess what’s on someone’s mind, how would you break it into seven categories? That’s what the 19th century study of Phrenology was—the belief that different areas of the brain controlled different character traits, thoughts, and emotions. Over the years, this belief has been debunked, but you may recognize famous posters like this one that hold a certain kitschy appeal.

phrenology poster project kid

For this last-minute Father’s Day craft, let the kids predict what is on Daddy’s mind with this super-fast craft that uses father-phrenology-project-kid-fill and self-adhesive laminating sheets that allow you to use dry-erase markers. Since daddy’s mind changes day to day, you can easily erase a section and change it!

father's day phrenology chartSay “Happy Father’s Day” and give the gift of helping Dad make up his mind!

What you’ll need:


Make it!

  1. Print out the free template and lave the kids color in the “head space.” The pdf has a fillable field at the top to add his name.
  2. Laminate the front and back and trim around the edges.
  3. Glue the corners of the phrenology chart to the felt.
  4. Glue the dowels to the top and bottom edge.
  5. Tie twine or string to the top edges of the dowel and knot or glue to secure.
  6. (Optional) To give it that old-school science poster feel, glue a piece twine tied to the wooden ring to the bottom. You can also use a key ring if you don’t have a wood ring handy.


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June 13, 2018| Age, Decor, Early Elementary, Father's Day, Grown-Up, Holidays, Older Elementary, Tween to Teen