5 Spring Break Staycation Crafts

I just started contributing to a very cool, newish parenting website called Mom.me, where you can explore crafts, behavior advice, recipes…basically everything under the sun that comes along with the parenting gig. They asked me to come up with some fun Spring Break staycation crafts. I tried to make each project something that would be just that: a project; not something that would only take 5 minutes. So here are a handful of the ideas. You can see the whole gallery here at Mom.me.

Snap Happy ABCs sends kids on a scavenger hunt with a camera, looking to find something from every letter of the alphabet to photograph. Upload the photos to picmonkey.com to add text then bind it with zip ties in paper-covered cereal box sides.

Amanda-kingloff-car-road-matGrowing up, my sister and I had a self-cleaning Lego mat like this Road Mat. You just push all of the toys into the center, then pull the drawstring and there you go! Clean-up is done-zo! My 2-year old son Oliver cannot believe how lucky he is that this is Mommy’s “work”.

Amanda-kingloff-castleThe play value in this cardboard castle is huge. Let your kids spend the week constructing, and they’ll play with it endlessly!

Amanda-kingloff-easy-terrariumI don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than putting together a terrarium. Send the kids out in the backyard to gather moss, sticks, and rocks, then arrange them on top of soil in an upcycled plastic snack container (the one I used was from Target’s addictive trail mix).

Amanda-kingloff-popsicle-stickiesIn most homes with young kids, you can find a handful of popsicle sticks. Just add some velcro dots to the ends and watch the kids come up with a gazillion ways to play with them. I call this, Popsicle Stickies. It’s good, I know.

Check out the rest of the craft ideas on Mom.me! My second story with them will go live on April 4th; I’ll be sure to remind you when it’s up. (And follow them on Pinterest…they have good taste, I swear!)

March 25, 2013| Decor, Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Nature, Preschool, Upcycled