Flowers and Fireworks for July 4th!

cupcake liner flowers fourth of july

It’s holidays like July 4th for which I am grateful when it comes to crafts. Out of every holiday…I’m talking Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween…it’s the only one whose color scheme NEVER wavers. EVER! Maybe you mix up a few shades of azul every now and then, but you never veer from the trust red, white and blue.

And I must say, sometimes, that’s quite comforting. No color palettes, no mood boards…just good ole’ Americana.

This craft is a riff off of one of my faves from my book, Project Kid, and it’s a great one for both novice and seasoned crafter. Also, you can leave off the tape leaves and they just look like fireworks on a stick (then boys don’t get all anti-flower craft).

Head over to our crafts page for the how-to!

June 23, 2015| Everyday Crafts, Holidays, July 4th, Parties