Fuzzy Flock

After Easter, do you end up with tons of plastic eggs? And mismatched plastic eggs, at that?

Solution: make these cute fuzzy sheep. The body is made from a large plastic egg and the head is a small one.

1. To make the body, affix cotton balls all over the large plastic egg with tacky glue. Let it dry.

2. To make the legs, color the lollipop sticks with black marker. Holding the egg horizontally, hot-glue two sticks toward the front of the egg and two toward the back in a V formation. While the glue is still wet, twist the sticks one turn to firmly plant them into the cotton balls.

3. To make the head, cover the small egg with torn pieces of washi tape. Add glue to the tape pieces to keep them adhered, when needed.

4. To make the ears, cut the cotton swab in half and wrap the soft ends in washi tape. Glue the cut ends of the swabs to the point of the small egg, and glue two cotton balls on top. Hot-glue the head to the body.

5. To make the eyes, color black dots on the buttons and hot-glue to the head.

March 19, 2015| Animals, Easter, Everyday Crafts, Holidays